Welcome to our farm!


Got Border Cheviot?

Welcome to Aerie Farm East. Our farm is located conveniently between Baltimore Maryland and Gettysburg Pennsylvania. We raise classic Border Cheviots (also known as Mini Cheviots or South County Cheviots), as well as Saanen dairy goats. Our breeding program emphasizes worm resistance, manageable size, maternal strength and color. We are one of the few Border Cheviot flocks that have all THREE Cheviot colors present in our breeding program. If you are looking for quality Cheviot stock to begin your own flock or need quality animals to add to your existing program please feel free to reach out. Lambs and older ewes are available as well as a nice line up of both white and black rams. All sheep have been tested and are OPP free. Thanks for checking us out and feel free to contact us with questions. We are also taking deposits now for spring lambs (Due in Feb 2019