Aerie Farm and Aerie Farm East is a family run farm owned by myself, Emily Chamelin-Hickman as well as my husband Kevin Hickman, my daughter Lydia and my parents Martin and Ruth Chamelin. Our family run operation is 60 acres located in the Bachman Valley of Carroll County Maryland, on land purchased by my Great-Grandfather during the Great Depression. My family once owned a dairy farm and milked cows, but with the downturn of milk prices and the trend toward bigger and bigger dairies my parents decided to sell out in the early 2000’s. We couldn’t give up on farming though and our farm now specializes in traditional and highly productive Border Cheviot sheep as well as Saanen dairy goats with genetics tracing to some of the best herds in the nation. Our farm evolution embraces sustainable agriculture, regenerative farming practices and humane animal care and welfare. Our commitment to producing quality lamb and wool as well as structurally sound and long lived livestock is paramount. We strive to build our farm to be a model of land stewardship and leave our farm better for the next generation.


All photos on this site were taken by Emily Chamelin and Rich Fitz (Ugly Dogs Farm)